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Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

students walking into school

Due to staffing shortages, you may experience transportation delays or cancellations. In the event you need to drop off your child in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon, here are our procedures.

east drop off pick up map

Our #1 priority is student safety. We have established these car rider line procedures to ensure safety of all students.  

Morning Drop Off Procedures (beginning at 7:10 am)

  • All families will remain in their cars and pull up to the curb along the sidewalk at Door 8. Please pull all the way up to the cone placed at the very end of the sidewalk.  This will allow us to move the line quickly
  • When an AIS East staff member comes outside at 7:10am, he/she will begin dismissing all students from the cars pulled up on the curb. Only students in a car on the curb should enter the building
  • Once those cars are emptied, they will be dismissed and the next cars in line will pull up to the curb to release the next group.

Dismissal Procedures (dismissal starts at 2:08 pm)

  • All families will remain in their cars and pull up to the curb along the sidewalk at Door 8.  Drivers enter the S-shaped drive on the north side of East.  Parents/guardians should pull all the way up to the cone at the very end of the curb so we fit as many cars as possible on the curb at once.
  • Each parent will have the car rider sign displayed in their front window/visor.  This sign clearly identifies the child’s name and number.  Parents without a number will let the adult on duty know the student’s name.
  • Staff members record the number or student name which is shared on a screen in the cafeteria for students to see.   When a student sees his/her number or name they will be dismissed to exit the building to join the adult in the car. 
  • Then the next set of cars will pull forward and the above-mentioned process will be repeated until all children have been picked up. 

Again, safety is our number #1 priority and in turn, non-negotiable. We greatly appreciate your help and support  to ensure the safety of all students and families. 

Car Rider Tags

Each family will receive a CAR RIDER TAG (an extra is available if needed) to place in the front window/visor of the car when you sign up at Preview Day.  If you are not able to attend or need to change your student to a car rider anytime during the year, they will be available in the front office.

ACSC Transportation Department

If you have questions or if your or someone you know would be interested in employment opportunities, please contact the ACSC Transportation Department.

Hours of Operation
Summer: M-F, 7:30 am-4:00 pm
School Year: M-F, 5:30 am-5:00 pm

Contact Info
p: (317) 544-6140
f: (317) 544-6141

ACSC Transportation Center
255 South Avon Avenue
Avon, IN 4123

What if a route is cancelled?

  • If Avon Schools cannot provide bus transportation, parents will be asked to provide transportation or the student will be marked excused in their attendance  
  • If we cannot provide transportation in the morning, evening transportation will not be provided either.
  • Avon Schools will alert you through ParentSquare if transportation is not available. Our goal is to be in touch at least an hour before the first scheduled pick up.
  • Parents should update their pick-up lists to include trusted adults who may be required to pick up their child after school.