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Winter Weather Delays & Closures

Winter Weather Delays & Closures

Indiana weather can be unpredictable. From time to time, it may cause us to call for a delay, early dismissal, e-learning day, or even a closure. We will notify parents and caregivers via ParentSquare and our website. You can also watch for updates on local TV: CBS4, WRTV-6, WISH-TV8, WTHR-13, and FOX59.

Here are the factors we consider in the decision-making process and some helpful resources for caregivers and students alike.


The safety of our students and staff is always our primary consideration. School is one of the safest places to be even when the weather is bad:

  • State, Town, and Avon Schools staff do a great job clearing highways, streets, and school lots.
  • Buses are safe, warm, and better-equipped to handle poor conditions than most cars.
  • School buildings are warm, dry, well-lit and secure even in the worst weather.

Remaining open and on-time is often the best decision for families:

  • Caregivers don't have to decide who remains home.
  • Children don't have to spend the day unattended.
  • School cafeterias serve nutritious lunches.
  • Temperature is often no better two hours later than it is early in the morning. 
  • Parents of student drivers can sign up to ride the bus by contacting Transportation at (317) 544-6140 at least 36 hours in advance.


The timing of delays and closures can be tricky because the weather changes fast and forecasts can be wrong. We rarely make the call to delay or cancel school at night. Most often, we do so in the morning. That gives our team the chance to get out on the roads and school parking lots to make the most accurate assessment possible.

Advance Notice

There is no formula for the amount of snow, ice, sleet, wind or low temperature necessary to cause a delay, early dismissal, or cancellation. Whenever there's a forecast of winter weather, a team of district administrators hits the road before 4:30 a.m. to assess. They compare notes, watch developments, and consult with local authorities on road conditions. We strive to make a decision and communicate with parents by 6:00 a.m. 

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